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Jalasoft - 360ID

Optimizing identity access management with a powerful & integral platform.

About Jalasoft

Jalasoft is a software development company with +20 years of experience in the technology industry and a thriving community of +1200 employees providing world-class tech services.

The 360ID Approach

An average collaborator uses between 5 to 10 different corporate applications daily, spending an average of 12 minutes accessing them. Jalasoft faced the burden of managing the access and identity to multiple complex apps and systems and needed a trustworthy platform to simplify this task.

Jalasoft - 360ID

The 360 ID platform made it possible to digitize and unify identity management and access to all the applications used by collaborators. Integrations were carried out in both directions with all central systems, utilizing APIs, integrating events through the event bus, and other standard integration protocols (SAML, OAuth 2.0, Authorization, OpenID Connect, and LDAP).

Using a universal directory and linked accounts made it possible to generate a specific user profile for each collaborator with a unique identifier, permissions, and access to all applications, in a centralized, secure and straightforward way.

Comteco - 360ID

Improving Identity Access Management for the ecommerce world.

About Comteco

Born in 1942, Comteco is a telecommunications company from Bolivia offering Internet, TV, and telephone services.

The 360ID Approach

In 2021, Comteco bet on developing electronic commerce through a platform called Shopper, created as a digital channel for small and medium-sized companies. Here is where 360ID comes into play as the solution to manage Shopper’s users’ identity, access, and digital information.

Comteco - 360ID

360ID allows managing user profiles simply, efficiently, and securely, handling all the information that an ecommerce platform requires. 360ID also reduced code development and thus the complexity of the Shopper application by an estimated 20%.

Plus, 360ID also supported a customer loyalty points system, gift cards, and coupons. These adjustments led to a 20% increase in the platform’s sales and reduced the dropout rate between 5% and 15%.

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