Leverage 360 ID’s power taking advantage of its unique features

Universal login & Single Sign On

360ID provides Single Sign On, which allows users to authenticate once and access any integrated app without need to re-enter credentials.

Social Login and user federation

Identity Brokering allows users to authenticate with social identity or any identity provider supporting openID Connect or SAML, and it is easily enabled in 360ID.

Social identity providers supported:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Github
  • Gitlab

360ID provides built-in support to connect users from LDAP or AD (User federation) or from any data source building a custom provider.

Customizable UI to sign in users

Customized login form to match the company brand.

Password policies

Enable and enforce custom password policies for user segments.

Authorization Services

Efficiently define and manage user roles and privileges, ensuring that users have access only to the information and functions necessary for their work.

User self-service

Empowering users, 360-ID provides self-service functionality, allowing them to manage their passwords, request additional access, and reset credentials easily through an intuitive portal.

  • User profile management.
  • Phone verification via SMS or Whatsapp.
  • Address management.
  • Notification preferences.
  • Session management.
  • Password and 2FA management.
  • Link social identities.
  • Store digital assets in a virtual wallet.

Digital assets centralizer

360ID centralizes assets stored by multiple applications like coupons and gift cards. Digital assets have a generic code base, and apps can send any kind of digital asset to the user wallet.

Organization management console

With Organization management console, create company profiles, manage tenant settings and contacts, custom profiles and invite users. Plus, centrally manage organization structure across company apps.

REST API & Integration service

360ID exposes a complete admin and user REST API.

Integration Service included in the platform allows to build flexible integration workflows based on events with external systems or existent infrastructure .

Notification to user based on preferences

360ID includes a notification service which allows effective user notification through different channels like email, SMS, and Whatsapp according to end user preference for the message topic.

Deployment options

360ID can be used as a cloud service and or deployed on a private cloud or in premises integrated with existing infrastructure.

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