Discover the benefits of 360ID A powerful tool to make your digital assets more secure

Strengthen security

User data and password are stored and transported securely. In addition, thanks to SSO the risk of credential leaking is reduced as users don’t need to manage different usernames and passwords.

No more weak passwords with 360ID. Admins can enforce password policies and/or 2 factor authentication (2FA) to all users or user segments. Users can also enable 2FA at any time.

Reduce engineering costs and accelerate time to market

Building authentication and authorization is complex, it can be painful, and a lot of time is required in development and testing. 360ID can reduce drastically those costs, since the authentication and authorization capabilities can be reused across the company apps.

Developers don’t need to spend time building authentication and authorization modules for their apps, they just need to integrate 360ID through standard protocols. Therefore, they can focus on core business apps or modules.

In B2E scenarios, 360ID helps to reduce IT costs by offering a centralized user management instead of a per-app user management. Also, reduces costs of manual and error prone provisioning and de-provisioning, since with 360ID you can automate provisioning and de-provisioning user flows across the company systems.

Improve user experience and increase adoption

360ID allows a unified and user-friendly onboarding and login experience across all the integrated applications. Users authenticate only to one login screen and they don’t need to remember and keep track of multiple credentials.

A user account management console available to users from where they can manage their own identity, credentials, preferences, sessions and audit account activity. This console can be customized to collect data according to company needs and synced with company systems for instance ERPs, avoiding the inconveniences of introducing the same data in multiple apps.

For B2B scenarios where customer companies may ask to use their enterprise credentials to log in to your product, 360ID supports enterprise federation with different identity providers such Active Directory, LDAP, SAML, fulfilling this kinds of requirements, promoting faster sales cycles, reducing friction for users and increasing product adoption.

For B2C companies, it is critical to provide an easy way to register. Potential customers use a variety of social media on a daily basis. 360ID provide social authentication with a variety of social identity providers, allowing customers to authenticate with logins they already use regularly without needing to create and remember new credentials.

Centralized Identity Management

360-ID enables centralized management of user identities, simplifying access administration and security policy implementation.

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