Robust identity & access management
for your business needs

Implement a powerful Identity Access Management platform

360ID is a potent, secure & complete Identity Access Management (IAM) platform suitable for B2C, B2B, and B2E companies. With 360ID, manage the end user’s (collaborators & clients) digital identity, company structure, and shared resources. Plus, easily integrate apps and customized solutions.

How can 360ID help?

Discover all of its benefits.

Improve user experience​

Improve user experience

Solve user identity management issues for all company applications consistently and cross-sectionally.

Reduce password issues​​

Reduce password issues​

Save time and provide simplicity and convenience for users.​

Enhance security protocols​​

Enhance security protocols​

Guarantee integrity and safeguard user information.​

Boost efficiency within security teams​​

Boost efficiency within security teams​

Accelerate your digital transformation journey. Upgrade your regulatory compliance.​

Reduce IT operating & development costs​

Take advantage of cost savings reducing the need for employee intervention.​

Main Features

360ID has unique capabilities to boost your identity access management needs.

360ID provides Single Sign On , which allows users to authenticate once and access any integrated app without needing to re-enter credentials.

Identity Brokering allows users to authenticate with social identity or any identity provider supporting openID Connect or SAML.

Customized login form to match the company brand.

Create company profiles, manage tenant settings and contacts, custom profiles and invite users.

Platform provides user account management so users can manage their own account. Integrated apps can delegate it these features.

Use cases

Read more about how 360ID helped businesses jumpstart their IAM.

Comteco - 360ID


360ID came into play as the solution to manage Comteco’s ecommerce platform, Shopper, users’ identity, access, and digital information.

Jalasoft - 360ID


Jalasoft managed access and identity to multiple, complex apps and systems and needed a trustworthy platform to simplify this task.

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